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Flag football is an exciting way for your child to learn the basics and fundamentals of football without the fear of getting hit or tackled.  When kids first start with our program, we show them the proper offensive techniques for catching, throwing and running with the ball.   We also teach them the defensive side of the ball by breaking down the runner and how to cover a receiver.  We teach them how to have fun and play like a team.  Every week we  talk about sportsmanship values  like "teamwork" and "respect".  We talk about what those words mean to them and we talk about how they can practice those values on and off the field.   We will have age groups  for 5-7 yr olds and 8-10 yr olds.   This league is for boys and girls between those ages and all skill levels.  We will be playing our games in Colorado Springs.  In this league there is no blocking or tackling of any kind.   

Our season will be starting  mid to late  September.  Please stay tuned for additional information.

​Youth Flag Football is Here!