This page was created so that anyone needing cleats or equipment could come here to possibly find some.  At the end of each season your player grows out of the ones they have. Each season as your player grows out of their equipment and you have it sitting around you could post it here to see if another younger player might need it and you have to purchase more.

PFC does not recommend purchasing a used helmet. 

​Tackle Equipment

Players MUST provide ALL of their own equipment which includes a white N.O.C.S.A.E  (must have sticker) approved helmet, shoulder pads, black pants, mouth guard (must attach to helmet), cleats, socks, & athletic support. As well as a game jersey & helmet decals which can be purchased through PFC, players can keep the same number from season to season so the jersey can be used for several seasons.  All equipment should be labeled with the player's name and should be checked daily by a parent. It is the parent's/player's responsibility to be sure equipment is in good repair prior to practices and games. Coaches have the authority to remove a player from practice or game for unsafe equipment.

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