2017 Fall Flyweight Schedule

GAMES WILL BE PLAYED AT: Memorial Park: 1315 East Pikes Peak Ave. (Pikes Peak Ave. between Union Blvd. and Hancock Ave.) Skyview Sports Complex - 2894 Resnik Dr. See map for field locations within park.

  • August 26th vs. Memorial Steelers at 8:30 on Field # 3
  • September 9th vs. Cottonwood Falcons at 8:30 on Field # 2
  • September 16th vs. Cottonwood Chiefs at 8:30 on Field # 1
    • (Games Played at Skyview Sports Complex)
  • September 23rd vs. Cottonwood Lions at 8:30 on Field # 1
  • September 30th vs. Memorial Bulldogs at 9:30 on Field # 1
  • October 7th vs. Memorial Steelers at 8:30 on Field # 3
  • October 14th vs. Cottonwood Falcons at 8:30 on Field # 2

Note:  Weather conditions are not always the best. Games will be played in  inclement weather (cold temperatures, wind or rain). These may be the best conditions we receive.  When in doubt... report to the field.  For cancellations visit, call 385-5981; select 5; Facebook @ Colorado-Springs-Sports-Office OR follow the Sports Office on twitter.com/CSSportsOffice

    Arrive no later than 1 hour before the official game start time.